we buy ugly houses caveman

HomeVestors has owned and used the HOMEVESTORS, WE buy ugly houses, the UG caveman logos, "ugly" family of marks, and other.

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In the 30 states where it operates, HomeVestors is known for the bright yellow billboards that announce: "We buy ugly houses.. has brought 80 trademark actions to protect its slogan (and its mascot, a caveman call.

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“We are a large company that sells a product that nobody wants. Nobody wants a mortgage, they want the house,” Ishbia said. The wealth that’s generating “is much, much, much bigger than I.

. is the bright yellow WE BUY UGLY HOUSES billboard, featuring a caveman. HomeVestors is a national network of real estate franchisees that purchase.

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Maybe you've heard about We Buy Ugly Houses or probably have. billboards, or on trucks of a cartoon caveman that shows their contact info.

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Billboards with cavemen buying ugly houses; There are lots of house flips/ remodels going on in your area. Maybe you've gotten something in the.

HomeVestors looks for dumps it can buy, fix quickly and flip.. Ford F-150 festooned with images of Ug, the companys caveman mascot. . area, drawing sellers with his ubiquitous "We Buy Ugly Houses" bill.

A company known for its caveman marketing approach and the catchy slogan, ” We Buy Ugly Houses,” is beating a path to your door.

The company has an annual ugly holiday sweater tradition with. Redfin software developer rama gokhale designed a gingerbread house with “buy me” scrawled on the roof in icing.